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Pilates is life and for everyone to enjoy! It contributes to a holistic approach to the physical balance with endless benefits from flexibility, enhanced proprioception, body alignment, tone, length and helps improve overall health and wellness.


The Bolt Movement offers a versatile program for all ages and levels where everyone can enjoy their style of preference ONLINE & IN PERSON.

Spiritual Fitness and Workshops

Getting in shape forces you to face your biggest challenges, and that comes with discipline. Taking the first step is difficult but it is our responsibility to insure our health and that of others for longevity and physical independence. The Bolt Movement workshops’ are geared to movement exploration and creative processes for dancers, instructors, fitness enthusiasts, movers and shakers. The spiritual workshops are designed for worship through dance and fitness with a charismatic touch.  You will find the workshops and sessions to be productive and rewarding beyond your expectations. No experience necessary to enjoy these workshops.

What Our Customers Say

Ana is a terrific person and a great Pilates instructor who specializes in teaching and treating people with various physical needs such as diminished mobility, spasticity, joint and muscle pain and limited motion. She works in conjunction with other certified rehabilitation specialists and is constantly pursuing knowledge to offer the best service to clients. She has been working with MS and Parkinsons’ patients using Pilates techniques directed at disabilities specific for MS such as motor weakness, balance, spasticity, and incoordination and has seen some definite improvement. My wife and I have been working with her after having been treated by PT and OT for joint and muscle issues at Revive Rehab Clinic. We are both very impressed with her as a teacher, trainer, and coach.

Dr. Paul Hoffman

I have been a fitness enthusiast for a long time . I love to be in shape and healthy. Throughout my life, I have experienced many different styles of classes and instructors. But Ana is different, she is unique and I just love her. She is my friend and now at this stage of my life with Parkinson’s she makes me feel special and that I matter in this world. I cannot tie my shoes anymore because my hands shake so much but Ana ties them for me. I have worked with her for over a year now and my time with Ana is the highlight of my day. She has helped me achieve more than I could ever imagine and I hope more people get to experience her love.

Brenda Dawson

Numbers Speak

Years of training, Hundreds of clients and multiple training prgrams for all levels.

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Years of Experience

In 1991-2014, she Founded Expressions Performing Arts (EPA) and worked as the Artistic Director

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Happy Clients

More then 750 Happy clients over 20 years.

Programs & Training's

With Multiple styles and teaching methods. We have tried and true programs for every level. From begginers to advanced classes.

Benefits Of Pilates

Pilates can strengthen your core muscles, unlike any other exercise. With a deep understanding of how the body works, it is the best work out when it comes to developing core strength. However, it does much more than that. If you already exercise on a regular basis, you might know some of the benefits of working out like alleviating pain, revealing stress and boosting your mood.

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