The Bolt Movement offers a versatile program for all ages and levels where everyone can enjoy their style of preference ONLINE & IN PERSON.


Strength, flexibility, balance, and grace are the focus of ballet technique. Proper body alignment with Pilates principles for a strong dance technique, terminology, and movement with precision. Class structure includes barre work, adagios and allegros in the center. 

Pointe class instruction

Our program uses Pilates principles for healthy alignment of feet and ankles. Dancers will progress with safety and understanding of proprioception for injury prevention. Pointe work begins at the barre and later moves to center floor for technical work and dance combinations. 


A dance style, which draws its inspiration from the contemporary music of today and jazz greats of the past. An ever-changing art form, jazz reflects popular culture while helping to build versatile dancers who can leap, turn, balance – and have a great time while doing it! This style includes ballet technique for a strong movement foundation in the center floor and at the barre.


Your feet are your instrument! This high energy dance style will encourage you to develop rhythm, coordination, and muscle control. The detailed footwork and articulation of sound will help you develop a sense of self-expression and create your own tap sounds.  

Musical Theatre

This style uses song, dance and dialogue to tell a story. Students will learn the value of coordination, focus, projection of voice and dance with strong technique to deliver a specific idea and the goal of the musical. This class will help dancers with memorization skills to learn simultaneously how to keep up with dance, acting and singing. 


This form of dance is a unique style marked by athleticism and expressiveness that includes an array of inspirational sources. Through this style students become aware of the endless potential for expression via movement of the human body. A form that explores movement, space, rhythm, and the dancer’s own creativity through a melding of Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, African, and many other types of dance. We provide the license to create and to express through directed themes and ideas. The class includes: floor work, progressions, components of ballet, partner work, choreography (teacher-directed), and/or student collaboration with fellow dancers. These are important components to help build strong dancers and individuality.  

Our classes and workshops consist of  molding holistic movers with creative ingenuity. Strong dancers with open mindsets  who are able to create as well as appreciate modern choreography in our local dance community and around the world.

Competition choreography refinement

We focus on the transitional elements of dance steps and motion, movement technique musicality, and rhythm. Our approach will help you deliver your dance choreography with clarity, precision and strengthen your competitive skills.

Dance for Parkinson's disease

Clients with this PD will find joy in dance, enjoy social interaction virtually or one on one sessions with proper safety procedures. Dance stimulates mental well being, focusing on balance and coordination. Regular movement is important to maintain a healthier lifestyle and create emotional connection. The dance movements and steps are based on the needs of the client; the dance session may call for the use of a chair and simple props such as a theraband or a ball.

Dance for children with down syndrome

A wonderful inclusive dance class for children of all ages to promote creativity. This class will help children with memorization and auditory skills. Students will enjoy dance movements and steps that will encourage coordination, fun, flexibility and focus. Most importantly students will have a wonderful movement experience to music and encouraging guidance.

The Bolt Movement’s mission is to create wellness programs, workshops and classes through rewarding movement experiences. Everyone needs to keep moving to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  Join us today for an online private,  in person training, or a small group session for transformational results.

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