The Pilates method was created by Joseph Pilates from Mönchengladbach, Germany. He called his work contrology but over the years his name was adopted. During the first half of the twentieth century, he developed a system of exercises which were intended to strengthen the human mind and body. His technique is used till this day because it is a life changing work. 

Pilates is life and for everyone to enjoy! It contributes to a holistic approach to the physical balance with endless benefits from flexibility, enhanced proprioception, body alignment, tone, length and helps improve overall health and wellness. Today, people are becoming more in tune with their bodies and want an all-encompassing method of exercise to meet their varying needs. Therefore, through the Pilates work I will facilitate a strong foundation to build athletic, healthy muscles, improve blood flow, increase concentration and engage all the muscles in a whole different way. I will introduce you to work organically from the inside out for optimal conditioning. This work benefits all fitness enthusiasts. 


**Sessions are available for all ages and levels; online and in person training. Instructors in sessions use props and/or equipment if available at your home.

Pilates for children and young adults

It is never too early to start Pilates! This program for children starts at the age of 6 through 17. I teach children and young adult classes on the mat as well as Pilates equipment. All exercises are tailored for the students’ age and physical development. I work with the Pilates Method Alliance® curriculum and  with modifications based on the student’s needs. The Pilates technique is a great way for children to gain body awareness. It is a discipline that helps young minds focus and establish healthy choices with mind, body and spirit, and they can take these values through life.  The Pilates principles apply to all ages and help them establish correct movement patterns for posture, walking, bending, and their extra-curricular activities such as dance and sports. Pilates is also a great way to prevent injury, maintain a balance with flexibility and strength.


Pilates For dancers

The body is a phenomenal instrument and the dancer’s power house. In order for a dancer to keep the muscles and core in balance, incorporating Pilates will add strength and flexibility at a higher level of performance. Dancers are known for hypermobility and flexibility. Hence, the benefits of Pilates for dancers are many specially keeping them injury free!  Dancers will strengthen the muscle groups to increase stability, control, precision and flow through movement integration. My teaching helps dancers achieve a strong balance between strength and flexibility to move through clear transitions, leaps, turns and challenging dance combinations. 

Classes incorporate mat, reformer, spine corrector, ladder barrel, tower, cadillac work, Pilates chair, props and depending on the dancer/athlete’s needs, some sessions will include cross training style techniques. 


*Online Pilates for dancers available with or without equipment.

Pilates for Golf

As a Pilates practitioner I focus on the whole body and its ability to move correctly during the swing. Pilates movement for thoracic rotation for example will help correct body mechanics to enhance your game. Pilates will take you through a series of functional exercises assessing strength, flexibility, and mobility as it relates to the golf swing.



Mat Pilates

This is a great way to get to know your body; to learn to move and understand the principles of movement. It is highly recommended to do mat work first to understand the use of equipment and sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised to see how it helps you gain body awareness. The mat work consists of exercises created by Joseph Pilates. It is also a great way to learn how your body compensates. The method focuses on the importance of breathing, lengthening of the spine and articulation through flexion and extension for spine health.  Most importantly it is your beginning of a new journey with movement principles for a healthier physical lifestyle. You can do mat work everywhere and with simple props that you may already have at home!

In this format of movement you will learn an intentional approach and that going slow is a wonderful feeling! Moving with intention, listening to what the body needs in an organic way… ‘learning to move from the inside out.’  You will experience exercise differently where smaller movements matter and make a difference. You will begin to pay attention to detail and appreciate smaller ranges of motion. Pilates is a practice because it requires dedication, patience and perseverance.

*Online Pilates for everybody available with or without equipment.

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