Our clients are family

“Ana you have enhanced my life through movement! Your amazing and nurturing coaching have motivated me to keep on moving, dancing and living my life to the fullest; and I appreciate aging gracefully much more!  I love our sessions and how much fun we have together.”

Pamela Causey

“I am so grateful to have Ana Bolt Turrall in my life. She is someone who I trust wholeheartedly and has taught me so much over the years. Most recently, Mrs. Turrall has been helping me to aid my foot injury. As a dancer, this injury has been a bit stressful, so her incredible guidance came at a perfect time. Her effective private Pilates and movement lessons have improved not just the mobility of my feet, but more importantly strengthened them along with the rest of my body. I am so impressed with the results of these sessions and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone willing to work hard and learn a great deal of valuable information.”

Harley Fleschner

“I have been taking Pilate lessons with Ana for a couple of months and I cannot praise the positive effects on my physical condition highly enough. Ana addresses shortcomings or problem areas effectively and miraculously brings relief. Her work it’s truly amazing and she tailors the program for your physical needs. I have been able to see the progress and my goals come to fruition. 

I highly recommend her lessons to anybody.”

Gisela Haemmerle

“Ana has the ability to connect with absolutely everyone, and all who are blessed by her tutelage, skill, artistry and soulful approach. For example, Ana works with both my daughter and myself; my daughter is fifteen and I am fifty-four years old, and we each benefit at 100%!  Though the work and intention for us are diametrically opposed! She is able to truly see who she has in front of her, making her style and choices for your wellness or rehabilitation program completely tailored work in your best interest, and be the most productive individual….”

Jennifer Fleschner

I first met Ana Bolt as a colleague in the dance world. Instantly, I was greeted by her beauty not only as a woman, but as a human. She has never been selfish with her generosity of kindness, spirit, or knowledge; her center of passion is clearly evident for those who are fortunate to cross her path and/or work with her.
Given her life’s challenges, coupled with her intelligence and gifts as an artist, Ana is fully equipped to share her talents with great detail, thoughtfulness, and utmost patience.
Throughout my various experiences with Ana over the years, I have continuously walked away from her feeling joyful, creative, appreciated, and respected.
She has been an invaluable figure, friend, and inspiration in my life.
Maria Ines Serritella Anton

Marie Ines Serritella Anton

“Ana has been a wonderful mentor. She knows how to transmit her wisdom and sensitivity. I love the way she understands Pilates. I highly recommend her classes. And, above all, she is a beautiful person!”

Laura Ortiz

I have known Ana Bolt since 2005 as a mother, daughter, neighbor, friend, artist, educator, fitness expert, and businessperson. In every respect, she is hard-working, conscientious, committed, and caring. She loves her students, staff, and clients like she loves her own family. She gives 1000 percent and puts her artistic and spiritual touch on everything she does. Ana can bring a stage to life with her own performances, and her dedication to her faith comes out in everything she does. Open-minded and open-hearted, she succeeds in balancing the get-it-done with soul.  

Rebecca Waldman de la Zerda, MA

Juris Doctor Candidate, 2020

St. Thomas University School of Law

Rebecca Waldman de la Zerda

Ana is the kind of person everyone needs in their corner, whether as a friend, mentor or teacher. She breathes life into you… into your dreams. I feel like a total rockstar every time I am around Ana…or even after a five minute conversation. I’ve known her for over 13 years. Her passion for the arts and creative expression along with her grit to achieve and compassion for others moves me to become the best in my craft while serving others with an open heart. I am blessed to also know her beautiful family and Ana’s example as a woman of strength and dedicated mother (superhero) inspires me to be a better woman, mom and professional. Ana is one of those people that lights up a room when she enters it because of her pure authenticity and love. She has made me feel more confident through her encouragement and guidance and has been instrumental in positively shaping my life. 

Carla Peroni

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